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About Us

Easylink was built on a simple concept: offer streamlined cargo services through cost-effective processes and industry expertise.

Headquartered in Madagascar, we have operated internationally since 2014, developing our unique brand of strategic cargo solutions and logistics, all while operating in a forward-thinking environment. With over 15 years of industry experiences, our team utilizes innovative handling and processing solutions, best practices, and technology to meet global expectations in freight forwarding services.


What We Do

Our team of experts helps optimize the logistics process through agile workflows, ensuring a safe and efficient handling of freights, along with complete transparency for our customers through dynamic reporting every step of the way.

Our goal is not to be the largest logistics service provider, but rather to be the most efficient, providing personalized solutions and unmatched supply chain management. We hold our standards high in delivering your cargo on time and within budget.

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Mission Statement

Easylink aims to provide streamlined and efficient cargo services in and out of Madagascar. We place customers first, using our client-centric system that delivers fast shipping through secure channels at an affordable price. We place value in creating lasting relationships: partnering with companies and individuals to deliver the very best services we can.


Our Values

Our company is founded on principles of quality in everything that we do. From client relations, warehousing, logistics, and cargos shipments, we are dedicated to treating every process as if it were our own.

Running an honest and efficient business has granted us the privilege of trust among our clients, many of which with whom we have formed strong partnerships with.

Easylink is proud to service Madagascar. As a team of locals, it brings us much joy to be able to provide services and contribute to this island we call home.