Import Export Agency Secure & Reliable

Easylink provides innovative and customized supply chain solutions. Our unique strategies relieve your company of administrative formalities for importing and exporting, allowing you to focus on your business and while we take care of the rest. The goal is to do more than offer services. We commit ourselves as your cargo and logistics partner, ensuring quality care and rapid servicing throughout.

Import Agent

Our experienced agents help facilitate smooth and professional sourcing among companies and individuals in China, assisting in importing raw, semi-finished, and finished products to Madagascar:

  • Sourcing of goods in China
  • Orders management
  • Commodities inspection
  • Warehousing (in China)
  • Shipping documentation issuance
  • Pick and pack, Door delivery

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Export Agent International Freight Forwarding

Easylink is your intermediary and facilitator of exporting projects in Madagascar, contributing our work and talent to

the development of “Made In Madagascar” goods and products:

  • Sourcing local and craft products
  • Sourcing of goods in Madagascar
  • Orders management
  • Commodities inspection management as per customer requirement
  • Pick and pack, Door delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping documentation issuance as per local and destination requirement